Stourport Primary Academy
Park Avenue Stourport-on-Severn Worcestershire DY13 8SH
Mrs J Elwis, Headteacher
Telephone: 01299 822 120

Foundation Stage Unit


Hello, we are Jack and Harry and we would like to tell you all about the Foundation Stage Unit for 2 to 5 year olds at Stourport Primary Academy.


In the Foundation Stage Unit you will wear a special uniform to show everyone that you now go to school.

We are going to show you some photos of us having fun in the Rainbow Class and tell you all about our academy.

In Rainbow Class you will meet some nice grown ups who will look after you whilst you are at school.  Their names are Mrs Yarranton, Miss Wilkins, Miss Ward, Miss Broadhurst, Mrs Knight and Mrs Moon.

Rainbow Class is very bright and colourful with lots of different areas for you to explore.

In the morning you will be brought into Rainbow’s garden where the teachers will look after you until the whistle has blown.

Inside you will have your own special locker to put your coat in, and a shelf to put your drink and lunchbox on.

Every morning your teacher will call your name in the register then you will be able to choose a game to play with your friends.

Just before morning play you may eat a healthy snack which you have brought from home or buy a slice of toast for 10p.

This is our story corner where you can find lots of lovely books to look at and share.  Most of the books can be found on the wooden castle and there are lots of places to sit when you have chosen one.  At school you will be able to choose books to take home and share with your family.  You will have a book bag and plastic wallet to take your books home in.


In Rainbow Class, there is a lovely role play area which you can play in.  It can be turned into lots of different things; a shop, a cafe, the vets or even a travel agents.


There is always room for painting and making things in Rainbow Class and we are sure you will have fun here and you will be able to take home all the lovely things that you make.


The large bricks can be used to make lots of exciting things, a castle, a road, a house and much more.  We think you will enjoy making things with them.


In Rainbow Class, there are two interactive whiteboards which you will be shown how to use and you will be able to play lots of games on them with your friends.  We also have plenty of computers available to use.


The grown ups will show you where the games are kept and how to use them.  You will have lots of fun playing with them.

You can go inside everyday and play in our garden area.  The bench and table are fun to sit at with your friends and here you can paint, draw and play games.


The playhouse is super to use when playing imaginative games with your friends and you can go on lots of pretend journeys in the car.


You can play in the big playground when you have been at school a little while and here you will be able to play with some of the older boys and girls.


When it is dinner time you will wash your hands and the go into the hall to eat your dinner.  You may bring sandwiches or choose to eat a hot dinner.  There are lots of nice dinner ladies there who will look after you.  When you have finished eating you will play outside with your friends.

Every week you will have PE in the hall.  You will change into shorts, tee shirt and pumps.  Your PE kit will be kept in your pump bag which has your name on it and stays in your locker.

At the end of the day you will sit and listen to a story.  At home time your mummy, daddy or a grown up you know will meet you outside Rainbow Class and take you home.

We are sure that you will love being in Foundation Stage Unit and make lots of friends in school and learn lots of new exciting things.

We look forward to seeing you soon.